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Best 5 Restaurants in New York City for 2019

You know when you take an innocent stroll down the streets of this wonderful city, what do you see? Half a dozen restaurants staring at you for the first time, waiting for you to come in and see what all the fuss is about, right? Eating at each and every one of these restaurants is near enough impossible. However, as avid foodies, we can try. Nothing satisfies us humans more than the feeling of our bellies bulging with pride, knowing we couldn’t eat another bite.

If you’re visiting New York soon or you currently live in New York and you plan on eating at the best restaurants, experience different cultures and profit from spectacular service, we’d like to be your tour guide. We’ve compiled a list of the best restaurants in New York City. We’re talking five stars. Everything you would ever want in a restaurant and more. After hearing about each one, we’re sure you’ll be cleaning your mouth off every single one of them before leaving the fastest moving city in the US.

1) Del Posto

This award winning Italian restaurant prides itself in its refined setting and exceptional customer service. The word luxury would do the restaurant’s décor a massive disservice. Del Posto is furnished in a European style and promises an Italian dining experience like no other. Oh, by the way, Jay and Bey love this place.

Location: 85 Tenth Avenue New York City, NY 10011 212 497 8090.

2) Gramercy Tavern

This all American cuisine offers you the best pastries and the tastiest wine. If fine dining is your thing, Gramercy Tavern is your thing. Once you set foot in their premises – you’ll be left craving the visit again. For their prestigious hospitality, you’ll have to experience that for yourself.

Location: 42 E 20th St, New York, NY 10003, USA.

3) Momofuku Ko

If you want to eat the best Asian and International dishes, this is the place for you. They offer a Michelin tasting style and a truly unforgettable dining experience for your special occasions. If you’re a lobster connoisseur and you want a place to eat lobster in style, look no further as Momofuku Ko tops this list hands down!

Location: 8 Extra Pl, New York City, NY 10003-8926 (downtown Manhattan).

4) Piccola Cucina Osteria

For all you vegan folks out there, Piccola Cucina Osteria has you covered. A special night for you and your significant other is what’s on offer here. With Italian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian and Vegan options available, a romantic night for two is on the horizon.

Location: 196 Spring St Soho, New York City, NY 10012-3621

5) Daniel

Another high flyer. Another night of fine dining. This award winning restaurant offers some of the best seafood out there in today’s competitive market. They really take the tiniest detail into consideration when it comes to their dining setting and services.

Location: 60 East 65th Street, Upper East Side, Manhattan, NY.

We’ve kept the list short but sweet. Wet your whistle with these five New York restaurants listed above. Before long, you’ll have ticked these off your bucket list and will looking for your newest experiences of fine dining!

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